• Shirahama walking

    Shirahama walking

    To Kumano, where you can feel the breath of the gods

    Feel the sea breeze as you walk about Shirahama, blessed with abounding nature and beautiful sceneries.
    When you grow tired of walking, take a rest at a foot bath or an outdoor hot spring. Here, we introduce some walking spots we recommend that will revitalize the body and mind.
    Check out more information on sightseeing and events at the official website of the Shirahama Tourism Association (external link).

    Shirahama map
    Shirahama Beach

    1Shirahama Beach

    20 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    A shoal stretching 600 meters long. This quartz sand, containing 90% silicate, is, just as the name Shirahama (“White Beach”) suggests, pure white and smooth. Colorful umbrellas popping up all over in summer and palm trees lining the arched beach creates a tropical mood that is bound to excite.

    Engetsu Island

    2Engetsu Island

    30 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    Engetsu Island, beloved as a symbol of Shirahama. Its official name is Takashima. It is called Engetsu (“full moon”) Island due to the circular, full-moon-shaped sea cave in the center of the island. The view of the island during sunset is exceptionally beautiful.

    Ezurahama Beach Resort

    3Ezurahama Beach Resort

    20 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    This quiet beach, loved by the local people, is a slow-paced, family-friend beach resort. During the spring tide, the tide ebbs to reveal the crags, letting you play along the shore.

    Kumano Sansho Shrine

    4Kumano Sansho Shrine

    20 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    A power spot in Shirahama. The white sands of this shrine, with its long history dedicated to the three Kumamono Sansho (the main shrine, Hayatama, Nachi), lend this shrine a solemn atmosphere. The splendid ancient tomb with a stone room, called Hisamezuka Kofun, and the lush woods surrounding the temple have been registered as cultural assets designated by the prefecture.

    Ami Hot Spring

    1Ami Hot Spring

    5 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    Ami Hot Spring is near Shirahama Pier, a short walk from the center. It was newly opened in June 2008.

    Bosei Hot Spring

    2Bosei Hot Spring

    25 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    An outdoor hot spring typical of Yuzaki. Hot spring water drawn from two sources, Mabu and Miyuki, lets you enjoy two types of hot springs at once.

    Saki Hot Spring

    3Saki Hot Spring

    30 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    The only historic bathtub remaining from the ancient “Seven Hot Springs of Yuzaki” from the Man’yo, this open-air bath sits near the majestic Pacific Ocean. It is just 10 meters from the bathtub to the sea, letting you feel the waves against the rock as you bathe.

    Mifune Foot Bath

    1Mifune Foot Bath

    20 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    Enjoy a foot bath as you take in the view of Engetsu Island, the symbol of Shirahama.



    20 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    A popular, open-air hot spring next to Shirahama Beach Resort where you can enter in your bathing suit. There are benches provided as well, letting you use this relaxation spot as a food bath.

    Tsukumoto Foot Bath

    3Tsukumoto Foot Bath

    20 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    Tsukumoto Foot Bath has been built at the south entrance to Shirarahama Beach. It is right by the levee when exiting Shirahama Beach from the south. Have fun in your bare feet with the white sands of Shirahama and the foot bath.

    Chosei Hot Spring/Foot Bath

    4Chosei Hot Spring/Foot Bath

    15 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    The foot bath of Chosei Hot Springs, a hot spring facility in Kogaura surrounded by nature, lets you experience the changing of the seasons, with cherry blossoms in spring, fresh verdure in summer, and red leaves in autumn. We recommend the Hot Spring Egg (¥80), available for purchase at the front.

  • Golf course

    Golf course

    20 minutes on foot from the hotel (one way)

    Near Hotel Kawakyu are three prestigious gold courses. Each one can be reached in about 20 minutes by car. Enjoy a game of golf with friends as you feel the sea breeze on your skin. If guests who have decided to visit a golf send their luggage in advance, we will hold it for them at the front.



    Secret Fishing Spots

    Did you know? The embankment behind Kawakyu is actually a secret fishing spot for those in the know. There are big catches of fish such as horse mackerel, squid, Japanese black porgy, and smallscale blackfish, sometimes nearly 30 cm in length. Novice fishers can try it too. Feel free to try your hand fishing with Kawakyu’s rental rods (¥1,000 including bait).

    Enjoy a spectacular view with a fishing boat cruise

    Enjoy a spectacular view with a fishing boat cruise

    Enjoy a spectacular view with a fishing boat cruise

    See the splendor of Nature’s creations, such as Sandanbeki and the backside of Engetsu Island! Enjoy the spectacular views on a fishing boat cruise.

    Course content

    Cruise Itinerary Shirahama Port~Shirahama Beach~Senjojiki~Sandanbeki~Kajiwaratani~Toshima~Engetsu Island~Shirahama Port
    Duration 40 minutes
    Fare Negotiable starting at ¥6,000
    Hours Reservations available from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

    ※Cruise may be canceled due to bad weather or sea conditions.

    ※Clothes may get wet from the splashing of the waves. Please do not wear footwear with heels.


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