Hotel Facilities
Hotel Facilities
Hotel Facilities


A distinct vacation that lets you feel as though you were staying at a museum

Created out of the desire of architects and creators invited from all over the world to leave their work for future generations and for history,
a building that could be called a masterpiece-this is Hotel Kawakyu.
This unique hotel won the 6th Murano Togo Prize, the greatest honor in architecture, in 1993.
Everything seen in the hotel is an art space, from the various objects to the interior, which is why it is called a museum hotel.

Entrance hall
Entrance hall
Entrance hall

The entrance hall symbolizes the hotel.

Look up at the domed ceiling above and find it covered in 22.5 carat gold foil, which lights up the lobby in the most extraordinary when the sun shines in. The 24 pillars supporting this ceiling were created using a special technique called Stock Marmo (plaster stone imitation technique). Developed in Europe long ago, this technique can be seen at such places as the Vienna Opera House.


A lounge overlooking the Tanabe Bay.

In a space where Venetian glass chandelier makes an impact, you can enjoy lunch, original sweets, and various types of drinks.

Hours 9:00 AM to 17:00 PM (Last call 16:30 PM)
Pool Sauna

Indoor heated pool sterilized with health-friendly ozone

Sauna for which you can wear your swimsuit and Jacuzzi with a great view are situated next to each other.

Hours 9:00 AM~10:00 PM
Overview Size : 13m × 4m / Depth : About80cm

A salon that combines beauty and healing.

We offer courses for beauty and healing, starting with the traditional Balinese hand massage originating at the palaces of Java, as well as first-rate aromatherapy featuring five essential oils blended according to the physical condition and wishes of the customer. There is also a 'Herb Steam Sauna'.

Hours 9:00 AM~10:00 PM (Last call 9:00 PM)
*Please book in advance by telephone.
  • Banquet Hall Sala Celiberti

    The ceiling painting by Italian painter Giorgio Celiberti on the themes of “love, freedom, and peace” will take your breath away. The clock with no hands painted on the skylight signifies that “love transcends time”. Designed so that sound resonates even without a microphone, this space can be used for wedding receptions, conferences, exhibitions, or a variety of other purposes.

    Capacity Conference - Capacity of 120 / Dining - Capacity of 100
    Area About 300m²
  • Japanese Banquet Hall Toshu Senghin

    A Japanese-style banquet hall named after an anecdote from the poet Li Bai, who said, “I wrote a thousand poems while drinking one drink.” The chandelier that was used when Kawakyu was an inn hangs from the ceiling, and Jun Nakao’s “Six Screen Pairs” (paintings of maiko in front of cherry blossoms in spring, red leaves in autumn) adds a vivid touch of color.

    Capacity Capacity of 40
    Area 70 tatami mats
  • Brick Wine Cellar

    A two-story wine cellar built after a medieval European library. The temperature inside is kept between 12 to 14 degrees with a 70% humidity to keep our treasured wines at their best condition. Our staff will guide you through the wine cellar for you to choose your favorite wine. Please enjoy wine books and antique wine tools from a hundred years ago as well as valuable vintage wines and sommelier’s recommendations.

  • Shop Hakuto

    Not only do we sell special products from Wakayama, but imported goods and hotel originals as well. These are perfect as souvenirs for friends or family.

    Hours 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM


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